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    A universal film with effects that allows you to get unique frames.
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Where can I buy?

Wonderfoto in Moscow

The store operates at the address: m. Maryina Roshcha, ul. Polkovaya house 3 bld. 2, floor 4, office 411 (entrance to the courtyard from 1 archery passage is the very beginning of the house)

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Film Photography Store

For lovers of vintage shots, which were very popular several decades ago, the Wonderfoto film photography shop is open. You can familiarize yourself with the entire range of products in more detail by using a showcase or by going to a special section on the site. The main menu contributes to the easy search and ease of placing an order.

Most modern photographers use models of specialized equipment using film. The creation of each analog picture is an art that has its charms thanks to modern advanced cameras, which are descendants of the famous Polaroid. The images in the pictures have a clear outline and are not affected by moisture, maintaining their brightness for many years.

The online store offers models that make it possible not only to quickly and accurately display a picture, but also to edit ready-made pictures on the instrument screen, save them on a memory card and transfer them via Wi-Fi or USB. Also, modern cameras have the function of recording high-quality video, which allows you to make important moments in life even brighter and more colorful. They can be used at various events - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or just take with you for a walk.

The instant photography store presents a collection of products only from reliable manufacturers, with the availability of the necessary technical documentation. Each page contains a detailed description of the proposed model with a photograph, current price and recommendations for related products.

Delivery Options:

  • Shipment at own expense with a preliminary reserve for a period of 3 days, during which the goods are taken from the film photography store in Moscow.
  • Courier delivery is carried out only in the city, in the next 24 hours, with the possibility of time adjustment.
  • Sending parcels to other cities is possible by mail, once a week.
  • On weekends and holidays, a courier service is available, if there are free couriers.

Nobody will leave us empty-handed, as we provide services promptly and efficiently with a personal approach and professional advice. We will help you choose the right film, taking into account the features of the device, personal needs of the person and financial condition. We also provide the service of developing and scanning films at loyal prices.